Operating the Motorized Zoom Lens (8-48MM & 6-36MM)


For negative movement (example times below, time is in milliseconds, valid range is 100-8000):

fiz -- focus -8000
fiz -- iris -300
fiz -- zoom -1000

For positive movement:

fiz focus 500
fiz iris 1000
fiz zoom 8000

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Note #1

The iris is auto adjusted once a minute. If you would like to disable this, edit crontab (the scheduler file):


Add # to the beginning of the iris line:

#*/1 * * * * admin /bin/iris

Click Save button. To save to flash memory, click the browser Back button twice and click the “Save Configuration Files” link.

Note #2

The motorized zoom lens is NOT an auto iris lens. The iris is automatically controlled (see note 1), but this is done through a motorized command once a minute. An auto iris lens is regulated continously and plugs into the side of the NetCam XL, not the back as the zoom lens does. Do NOT enable the Auto Iris option with the motorized zoom lens.

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