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Motion Detection JPEG Headers
This applies to NetCam SC, NetCam XL, Express 4 and Express 2. The motion detection information is stored in an APP10 marker in each JPEG. For firmware  1.1.61 and later 2-byte APP10 marker (0xff, 0exa) 2-byte length (big endian) 4-byte type marker (0x53, 0x44, 0x4d, 0x30, or...
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StarDot API
The StarDot API for NetCam SC/XL and Express 4/2 can be found here. 
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What is the StarDot DVR/NVR Motion JPEG File Format?
The StarDot DVR / NVR saves a pair of files for every one hour of recording. The STX file is the index and the SDJ file in the motion JPEG video. .stx file format The .stx files consist of multiple "struct tindexhdr" records, one per image, starting at offset 0 in the .stx file (ie., there is no...
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Is it possible to get image or video data from the camera's serial port?
Yes, there are a few ways to get images through the serial port. TCP/IP via RS-232: The StarDot device can be configured to dial an ISP via analog modem, satellite modem, etc. X/Y/Zmodem: The StarDot device includes a program to transfer data via the xmodem, ymodem or zmodem file...
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