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NetCam SC H264 Dome Camera
NetCam SC H264 Vandal Dome 1.1.82 Firmware Download
Released December 9th, 2016

**NOTE** - We Recommend using StarDot Tools to upgrade and to use the Erase Configuration option when upgrading. You can find the latest version of StarDot Tools on the Downloads page.

WARNING: All firmware on this page is only compatible with camera IDs (MAC address) that begin with:

00:30:F4:EB (SDH500V)
00:30:F4:EC (SDH500VN)
00:30:F4:ED (SDH300V)
00:30:F4:EE (SDH130V)
00:30:F4:EF (SDH130VN)
00:30:F4:F1 (SDH300VN)

If this firmware is used with any other StarDot device, it can leave the device inoperable.

The following H.264 Vandal Dome camera MAC ID ranges are NOT compatible with this firmware:

SDH500V: 00:30:F4:EB:00:00 - 00:30:F4:EB:00:05
SDH500VN: 00:30:F4:EC:00:00 - 00:30:F4:EC:00:10
SDH300V: 00:30:F4:ED:00:00 - 00:30:F4:ED:00:1F
SDH130V: 00:30:F4:EE:00:00 - 00:30:F4:EE:00:03
SDH130VN: 00:30:F4:EF:00:00 - 00:30:F4:EF:00:25

If your dome camera has a MAC address in one of the ranges above, only upgrade to the netcamsc (not scd) firmware.
11 Jun, 2020 2.77 mb
NetCam SC H264 Vandal Dome 1.1.80 Firmware Download
Released October 1st, 2014
11 Jun, 2020 2.69 mb
NetCam SC H264 Vandal Dome 1.1.78 Firmware Download
Released March 11th, 2013
11 Jun, 2020 2.69 mb
NetCam SC H264 Vandal Dome 1.1.75 Firmware Download
Released August 9th, 2012
11 Jun, 2020 2.62 mb
NetCam SC H264 Vandal Dome 1.1.71 Firmware Download
Released May 11, 2011
11 Jun, 2020 3.28 mb
NetCam SC H264 Vandal Dome 1.1.70 Firmware Download
Released October 8, 2010
11 Jun, 2020 2.52 mb