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How to view h.264 stream in VLC

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020

 Using VLC to stream from a Stardot h.264 camera

You can start by downloading the latest version of VLC here..

After installing, rung the software and click on Tools -> Preferences.

In the very bottom left under Show Settings, click All.

Expand Input/Codecs and click on Demuxers.

From the Demux module on the right, select H264 video demuxer.

Expand Demuxers.

Click on H264 in the list and change the frame rate to 12.00

Click Save on the bottom right.

From the main VLC window, click on Media -> Open Network Stream

In the Address section, type in:   (example above)

When you click Play your H.264 Video Stream should start.

Article ID: 186
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020
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