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Capture Client Java Applet
Set up the Capture Client Java applet
Installation Download the CaptureClient.class file. Uplodate the CaptureClient.class file to your web server (into the directory where your HTML and webcam image files are located. Copy and paste the code below into your webcam HTML. <applet code="CaptureClient.class" width="640"...
11 Jun, 2020 Comments: 0
Why am I seeing a red "X" where the image should be?
Install Java form (free).  If that does not resolve the problem, refer to: Optionally, on firmware 1.1.61 and higher, you can select Javascript mode (the default), which does not require Java and can be viewed on virtually any browser...
11 Jun, 2020 Comments: 0
Can I use the Java applet within a <code> tag?
Yes, here is sample code: <![if !IE]> Firefox and others will use outer object > <object classid="java:CaptureClient.class" type="application/x-java-applet" width="320" height="253"> <param name="image" value="image.jpg" /> <param name="delay" value="5" />  ...
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Why does my Java Applet (CaptureClient) no longer work?
Unfortunately the CaptureClient Java Applet has been totally blocked in the latest version of Java (Version 7 Update 51).  There is currently no fix for the Java Applet to change this. We Apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We do have some options what will help...
11 Jun, 2020 Comments: 0