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Why does my Java Applet (CaptureClient) no longer work?

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020

Unfortunately the CaptureClient Java Applet has been totally blocked in the latest version of Java (Version 7 Update 51).  There is currently no fix for the Java Applet to change this. We Apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We do have some options what will help though.

If you have a NetCam XL Camera

If you own an XL camera with no Javascript viewing mode on the live image page, then all you would need to do is upgrade firmware.  You can find firmware upgrade instructions as well as links to StarDot Tools and the latest firmware files here ...

If you are using Capture Client on your website

You can use the following JavaScript code to automatically refresh your image on your website. The upside to using this script instead is that now customers with iOS or Android devices will now be able to view the image on your website (with the old Java Applet this was not possible).

<script language="javascript">
var refreshrate=5;                 //SECONDS BETWEEN REFRESH
var image="camera0.jpg";     //IMAGE NAME
var imgwidth=640;                 //IMAGE WIDTH
var imgheight=480;                   //IMAGE HEIGHT
function refresh(){
document.images["pic"].src=image+"?"+new Date();
setTimeout('refresh()', refreshrate*1000);}
document.write('<IMG SRC="'+image+'" NAME="pic" ID="pic" WIDTH="'+imgwidth+'" HEIGHT="'+imgheight+'";">');

What you would need to do is copy and paste the script above and replace your old capture client code on your webcam page.  There are 4 different options that you can change above.  

1. Set how often the image will refresh first (//SECONDS BETWEEN REFRESH).  By default it will refresh every 5 seconds.
2. Enter your image file name (//IMAGE NAME). If it used to be just "netcam.jpg" in CaptureClient you can enter that or whatever jpg name you used to use.  You can also put a whole URL pointing to a specific location on yours or another site if need be.
3.  Set your image width and height (//IMAGE WIDTH and //IMAGE HEIGHT).  Here you can enter the width and height of your image.  If you're not sure, try logging into your camera configuration in a web browser and it will be listed under the Image tab, in the Resolution section.

If you have one of the original NetCam or NetCam MP cameras

On these cameras, on the Live Image page the only option for viewing was to use the CaptureClient Java Applet.  If you have the latest version of Java, this has been blocked for most people now.  What you can do is make a separate HTML page on your computer or off site so you can still see your image updating pretty much like normal.  

You can follow the instructions above and use Notepad or pretty much any text editing program to make this HTML file.

1. Open Notepad (or your text editor of choice)
2. Copy and Paste the JavaScript code into Notepad
3. Set how often you want the image to refresh.  Normally every 3 seconds or so should be fine for any NetCam.
4.  For the image name, you can point it to either your local or remote camera.  For example if your camera's IP was, you could make the image name the following ...


5. Set your image width and height to what you like.
6. Go to File and Save As..
7. Save the file as an HTML file.  For example, you can call it:   netcam.html
8. Now, you would just open the file in a web browser and you should see the image refreshing like normal.

Article ID: 198
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020
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