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My StarDot device won't synchronize its date and time with my NVR or external time server.
If both your StarDot device and your time server or NVR are on a private LAN and the camera does not need access to the Internet, make sure all three DNS entries are empty (Network tab). Enter the time server or NVR's IP address in the Time Server field on the Date/Time tab. If your NVR...
11 Jun, 2020 Comments: 0
What size of Hex/Allen wrench do you need for back focusing a Netcam?
 The Hex/Allen wrench size for loosening the lock screw on the back focus ring is  1.5mm (0.059 inches) This is for any of our Netcam Cameras Netcam  Netcam MP Netcam XL Netcam SC Netcam SC h.264
11 Jun, 2020 Comments: 0