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Can I connect my camera directly to my PC via network cable?

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020

Although we do not support this function it is possible to connect a Netcam directly to your PC using a network cable. This will only work with a PC running Windows XP or newer. We recommend that you use a router or network switch with your Netcam, as this will allow you to connect to your Netcam from anywhere via the internet.

First you will need to set up your operating system so that it will be able to communicate with the camera . To do this you need to click start - control panel - network connections  - double click on your local area connection - Properties then double click TC/IP settings.

In this option within the general tab you will need to configure the network with these settings. First click 'Use the following IP address' then use these settings.

- IP address:
- Subnet mask.
- Default gateway

You may need to use a crossover cable for this (although, newer ethernet cards should allow you to use a standard ethernet cable). Next, just connect the camera from the back of the camera to the ethernet port on your computer.

You can then use stardot tools to find your camera, and use the IP address to access it from a web browser.

Article ID: 134
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020
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