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How do I upgrade Firmware?

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Last updated: 4 Aug, 2020


When you upgrade firmware, typically you would use the StarDot Tools software. You can download the latest version HERE

You can find the latest firmware for your NetCam or Express server HERE

Be sure to heed any warnings that may be present on the download page.

Upgrading Firmware

1.  When you open StarDot Tools, right click on your camera, go to Advanced and click on Upgrade firmware.

2. Select the firmware file that you downloaded earlier.

3.  For compatibility, you will typically always want to have Erase Old Configuration checked. You can also click on Save Network Settings (if the option is available). If you do not check Save Network Settings then your Network settings will revert to DHCP mode and your camera may pick up a different IP address from the router.

4. Lastly, click on the Upgrade button to upgrade your cameras firmware. If you have a password set, at this point it will ask for your 'admin' password. Enter this and your firmware upgrade will be just about complete.

The camera will take about a minute to finish its firmware upgrade. During that time it will reboot itself. After the minute is up, just click Refresh on StarDot Tools and your camera should list the new firmware version you should be able to connect and configure it like normal.

Article ID: 185
Last updated: 4 Aug, 2020
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