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Firmware 1.1.66 ChangeLog

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020

1.1.66 - Released February 22, 2010


  • Version 1.1.66.
  • h264: Show stream frame sizes in bytes (not bytes divided by 4), and add "total sequence" size in bytes on End-Of-Sequence (EOS) interrupt.
  • Remove h264 "expansion card" log messages from StarDot video driver.
  • Clean up HTTP error messages in .NET viewer.
  • Fix applet text and background color handling for NetCam product.
  • Revert h264 status changes until next release (remove "/proc/sys/video/h264").
  • Show CGI QUERY_STRING for [nph-]h264.cgi and [nph-]mjpeg.cgi requests when "debug=1".
  • Add "h264" firmware status to "info.cgi".
  • Add "/proc/sys/video/h264" to obtain H264 firmware status (0=not present, 1=present).
  • Remove cookie "expires" debug message.
  • Add "expires" option to Image configuration cookie used for "Refresh Image" checkbox state so that it persists across browser sessions.
  • Use "expires" option instead of "Max-Age" so that index page cookies are persistent on Internet Explorer.
  • Fix cookie handling for image refresh Image configuration tab.
  • DDNS tab, Hostname has a 32 character limit.
  • Weather configuration help webpage shows "${PRODUCT}" instead of product name.
  • Revert NetCam SC H.264 firmware ID from 7 back to 6.
  • New bitware (Mon, 21 Dec 2009 19:51:06).
  • NetCam SC H.264 now uses firmware ID of 7, and NetCam SC Dome 3MP uses firmware ID of 6, so adjust the default configuration files accordingly.
  • NetCam SC H.264 now uses firmware ID of 7, and NetCam SC Dome 3MP uses firmware ID of 6.
  • New bitware (Tue, 8 Dec 2009 20:33:42): Bit file with the ticks.
  • New bitware (Tue, 8 Dec 2009 23:06:57); fix video out bug: 1.3MP has line down center on composite video.
  • Make 1 camera the default view in EXL 2.
  • JSLint: Fix warning about iterating through object properties.
  • JSLint: Fix "Do not use String as a constructor." warnings.
  • Revert to CVS version 1.51.
  • JSLint: Fix bitwise operator warnings.
  • Remove unused Javascript code.
  • JSLint: Fix warnings about "Missing radix parameter" to "parseInt" function.
  • JSLint: Fix line break warnings.
  • JSLint: Fix most undefined variable warnings (notable exceptions are the Prototype Javascript library (prototype.js) and the FTP Script Test functions (ftp.js).
  • JSLint: Fix "Unexpected use of ++." warnings.
  • JSLint: Fix "Use the object literal notation {}." warnings.
  • JSLint: Fix "Missing space..." warnings.
  • JSLint: Fix "Too many var statements." warnings.
  • JSLint: Indentation fixes.
  • Add HTTP Cookie support to index page, so that we remember the users choices for Window Size and Mode (Javascript, Java Pull, etc.).
  • Add cgi_read_cookies() function to common CGI code.
  • Use a MIME type of "text/javascript" when sending files with a ".js" extension.
  • Adjust driver defaults (used when no default configuration file is present for the probed device ID) to match the default values in "/etc/default/video0.conf.6".
  • Update .NET plugin: * update Thawte certificate * remove unused code paths that were causing security exceptions * modify method used to override number of connections to avoid a security exception * fix text and background colors for status bar so that Windows system colors are used instead of those specifed in the HTML/CSS
  • Update Thawte certificate for ActiveX plugin.
  • Add client-side Javascript cookie support so that the Image configuration page keeps the user's choice for the 'Refresh Image' checkbox.
  • New bitware (Thu, 12 Nov 2009 01:45:47): FPS reduction prevention; stops the frame rate from slowing if CBR is set very high.
  • info.cgi: Fix "outputs" value for NetCam and NetCam XL builds.
  • New bitware (Mon, 9 Nov 2009 23:05:02): CBR version.
  • Fix broken imaging due to device node renumbering on Express6 and Express builds.
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