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When I run the setup wizard, it says that it cannot find my StarDot device.

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020

The primary purpose of the StarDot Tools software is to find the IP address of the StarDot device on your local network. StarDot Tools displays the IP address of all StarDot devices found. Double click the IP address to view and/or configure the StarDot device.

There is a Setup Wizard function in the StarDot Tools software that is normally only needed under one of the following conditions:

  • The StarDot device is plugged into a network that does not automatically assign an IP address (i.e. no DHCP)
  • The StarDot device was previously configured with a manual IP address not compatible with the current network
  • The StarDot device is not plugged into the network or will be connected to a serial device (i.e. analog modem)

If your situation falls into one of the categories above, you can use the Setup Wizard to configure the camera.

Make sure that you are using the null-modem serial cable that was shipped with your StarDot device. One end is plugged into the S1 (AUX) port on the StarDot device and the other end is plugged into an available 9-pin serial port on your PC (make sure that you don't have PDA software, fax software, etc. running that may use the same serial port).

If your PC does not have a serial port, you can purchase a USB to RS-232 serial port adapter at most computer stores.

If a serial connection is not an option for you, connect the StarDot device to a network with a router running a DHCP server (which will auto assign the StarDot device an IP address). The factory default for StarDot devices is to boot up in DHCP mode. Wait 40 seconds after power up and run StarDot Tools. If StarDot Tools does not show the IP address, the StarDot device may have previously been configured with a manual IP address. You can reset the the StarDot device to its default factory settings by pressing the defaults button.

Article ID: 23
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020
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