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Security Properties

Article ID: 98
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020

The NetCamSC has its own multi-user password-protected operating system. By default, the live images can be viewed by anyone and only the configuration pages are password protected. However, these options can be changed.


The admin user has configuration and viewing rights. It is strongly recommended that you change the default password (initially "admin") to something else. This will prevent anonymous users from logging into the NetCamSC and making changes. It is important to choose your password carefully. Pick something that cannot easily be guessed. The password can be a combination of alpha and numeric characters, upper and lowercase (maximum 8 characters).

The viewer user only has viewing rights (this user cannot access the configuration menus). By default, the viewer user has no password. This allows anyone to view the images without being prompted for a password. If you want to block public access to the live image, you will need to change the password for the viewer user.

To modify the password of an existing user, click on the user name and then type in a new password in the password field (retype it in the verify password field). Then click the Add/Modify button.


To add a user to the Users list, type in the desired username in the Name field. Type and retype a password in the Password fields. Click the Add/Modify button. New users will only have viewing rights; only the admin user can make configuration changes in the NetCamSC.


To remove a user from the Users list, click on the desired username and click on the Remove button. Note: The default users, admin and viewer, cannot be removed.

Article ID: 98
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2020
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